Let the Sunsine In

my summer of love photos

Golden Gate Park

Peace Sign Hair

horn hippies
peace sign hippie
San Francisco Summer of Love Map
Mayor of San Francisco Proclamation

Hair Authors Rado and Ragni, MacDermot
James Rado, Gerome Ragni, Galt MacDermot
Michael Butler Producer of Hair
Michael Butler
Tom & Julie
Tom O'Horgan, Julie Arenal


Authors James Rado, Gerome Ragne


Aquarius La cast




Walter Michael Harris Original Broadway Cast and Album

Hippy love
Be sure to wear a flower in your hair
Hair Fan from 60s surrounded by new hair



Red Shephard Jerry Combs


Seattle Cast of Hair Chinook Tribe



Alice, Debbie, Michael Rhone Seattle cast of Hair


Rock Musical Hair Seattle Cast

Russian Hair Cast

Peace Love



San Francisco Hair Cast


Peace 5th Ave. Theatre Seattle


Mountain Tribe

Flag Song Don,Kevin,Burke Seattle

Ben Vereen and Red Shephard


Red Barbara Ted
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