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Hair Alumni Please RSVP to Pappy Hunt/ Barbara Moore at

the Monarch  (pdf)
1015 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Tel: 415.673.5232
Fax: 415.885.2802

Google Map of the
Monarch Hotel

Monarch website

See this note for special pricing for Hair People that will stay at the Monarch Hotel Oct 24th and 25th



additional YouTube Videos of Hair

Our one Rehearsal will be Saturday October 24th at

San Francisco Playhouse

533 Sutter st.2pm-6pm
Between Powell & Mason

Google Map of San Francisco Playhouse

after rehearsal dining and parking information
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Hair performers : We will be doing two songs at the finale "Let the Sunshine in" and "We are the World". See note from Walter Michael Harris regarding parts. click here

Lyrics and Parts We are the World   (pdf)
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We are the World Karaoke sound track
no vocal (large file expect long download)
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More Lodging options

* San Francisco Hostel  (pdf)

* Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites Hotel in San Francisco/Burlingame near the airport.
All rooms are large suites....complimentary breakfast and Happy Hour
Special price $109.00...ask Has (manager) for bay view and complimentary parking as part of the deal.
Beautiful clean hotel, great safe area, on beautiful grounds by the bay. About 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco..but worth the drive & time.

Nina Davton's Hair Archive
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More 2009 links and info

Hair's Musical Director for
West Fest

Walter Michael Harris



Hair's Choreographer for West Fest

Jennifer Lee Ho

650 619-6163

see YouTube Videos of Hair
Visit Ben Vereen's website
Jonathon Johnson
Good Hair Days by Jonathon JohnsonJonathon Johnson

" a real life story on the road with Hair "

cool feature "look inside the book" click here

order Jonathon Johnson's book
" Good Hair Days"

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Susan Morse
  Gloria Jones My Space link  
  Mark Bolan School of Music and Film  


Tons of Information about Hair from WIKIPEDIA the free internet encyclopedia

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Rana Zombie the Musical click here

Jessica Marciel

Hair movie poster


Love Puddle

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