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October 12th 2009        Hello HAIR people!

Our featured spot at West Fest is intended to close the festival. Here's the plan:

We have only 10-15 minutes in a jam-packed program with a quick turnaround. We're opting for two "anthems" - The Flesh Failures (Let The Sun Shine In) and the song that was planned for our performance from the beginning, "We Are The World". We're going to focus on these at our Saturday the 24th rehearsal (details coming soon). Our directing team, consisting of choreographer Jennifer Lee Ho and myself, want to do as much work in advance as possible.

That's where YOU can help!

On this web site, Kevin Mason has posted lyrics to "We Are The World" and a linked You Tube video of the original recording session.  For accompaniment, we're using the same "Flesh Failures/Sunshine track that we used for the Summer of Love celebration in 2007, which is the original Broadway album instrumental track.  For "We Are The World we are using a shortened karaoke track that Papi provided. Together these songs run about 8.5 minutes.

Jenny is going to work out choreography ideas ahead of time. I am going to assign solo parts ahead of time - so I'd like everyone to watch & listen to the You Tube video, and identify solo lines that are firmly in your range and that you'd like to do. The email me right away and tell me! YOUR INITIATIVE MATTERS.

While I can't promise that you'll end up with your favorite part, I will do my very best. All I ask is that you make sure the lines you choose are solidly in your range. The other caveat is that you need to be there for the Saturday rehearsal if you want to perform a solo line. Our list of participants is growing day by day, so please be flexible, patient and trust Jenny and I to make decisions that will make an effective, powerful ensemble performance in the short time we have to prepare.

Everyone who shows up will get to sing on the choruses, so don't worry about not getting to sing if you can't get there till Sunday. 

The shortened lyrics stop after the second chorus at the top of Page 4 of Papi's PDF - just before the notation "Bruce Sings".  Anything after that will not be sung, except to repeat the chorus over and over again as long as needed until that crowd starts to leave the park.

Oh, and there is one more thing. The festival promoters have a deal with the City of San Francisco to pull the plug on the PA at 6pm sharp no matter what. Should that happen, we will be able to lead the crowd in our songs, but it will be in an "unplugged" mode. We are resolved to go full steam ahead an do everything possible to make sure that we'll have time to use our recorded tracks as accompaniment.  Plan B will have me leading you with my guitar instead. Not to worry!

So please, ASAP, let me know your range and what part(s) you are interested in singing, including on "The Flesh Failures" - and please understand that there are more of us than we have solos for, and the essence of HAIR is ensemble, the circle, the Tribe - and that we're in the honored position of closing a festival that celebrates one of the more formative decades of the 20th Century - and inviting tens of thousands of souls to share our vibe of harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust.

Please confirm whether or not you'll be at the rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, the 24th. I look forward to seeing all of you in San Francisco


Walter Michael Harris
HAIR West Fest Musical Director

Seattle, Washington




A dining option for after Saturdays rehearsal 
A few of us have been thinking China Town. More info as it comes available. After we see how many are interested we will call.


R&J Lounge
631 Kearney St,

R&J Lounge Menu as PDF file

Great Chinese Restaurant, Many dishes under $20.00

Map to R&J Lounge from Rehersal place

1. China Town See Kevin or Jennifer about this
following rehearsal some will head to China Town for dinner. More info later.




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*This website and everything on it is related to the performance of various Hair alumni from 40 years of Hair productions. It is tailored to relate to cast that will be performing at West Fest the 40th anniversary of is not meant to suggest that this is a performance of the current Broadway production of Hair at the Al Hirshfield Theatre in NYC. even though it is the same show.. However Alumni from the original Cast members of  Hair from 40 year ago will be in attendance and performing, and we love our brothers and sisters in the current production in NYC they are fantastic, go see them.