Hair Contact information Woodstock West Fest Oct 25th 2009

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phone number
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Papi Hunt
Papi arranged our participation with West Fest
Barbara Moore
Barbara has worked with West Fest too. Thanks

Hair Musical Director for West Fest ,

Walter Michael Harris

Original Broadway Cast. 1968 Original Cast Recording,
We are Lucky to have WMH as musical director  Yea.
Hair's Choreographer for West Fest
Jennifer Lee Ho 650 619-6163 Jennifer will direct our movement
on stage, grateful to have her talent.

D Kevin Mason   
Web designer/ Photographer,

Bringing the Hair vibe to the tribes in Cyberspace

Rana Kent

Hair Hospitality Maven

The Girls Got Spirit! 1-415-272-7360  


Love Puddle

*This website and everything on it is related to the performance of various Hair alumni from 40 years of Hair productions. It is tailored to relate to cast that will be performing at West Fest the 40th anniversary of is not ment to suggest that this is a performance of the current Broadway production of Hair at the Al Hirshfield Theatre in NYC. even though it is the same show.. However Alumni from the original Cast members of  Hair from 40 year ago will be in attendance and performing, and we love our brothers and sisters in the current production in NYC they are fantastic, go see them.
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